An ingenious new sculpture entitled Centre of the World is on display at the newly dedicated Teddy Kollek Park in the heart of Jerusalem.

Based on a Renaissance map by Heinrich Bünting showing Jerusalem at the centre of three continents, the new monumental work made of steel, stone and light is an innovative affirmation of the status of Jerusalem as the spiritual centre of the world, combining ancient and contemporary materials, two and three dimensions, light and dark, and interior and exterior space. This new work, selected from designs submitted by leading contemporary artists, allows visitors to enter the elegant sphere-like structure for contemplation. The exterior reflects the walls of Jerusalem by day; seas and oceans are magically suggested by the cut-away sections between continents which at night become patches of light as the work is internally lit, creating a magical, lantern-like presence.

Breuer-Weil commented: ‘I was inspired by the idea of using a five-hundred year old map to do something very contemporary. Many sculptures are housed in museums only accessible during the day but I wanted to do something that brought out the beauty of the Jerusalem nights as well as the radiant days. The dome-like structure resonates with the many other domes in the City which gives the work an immediate sense of belonging in Jerusalem.’

Date: Current

Teddy Kollek Park, Jerusalem