Using London as his canvas, artist David Breuer-Weil has worked with Christie’s to place his monumental bronze sculptures throughout the city in an innovative new multi-venue exhibition. Works can be seen at The Economist Plaza, the Crypt of St Pancras New Church on Euston Road and in Cavendish and Portman Squares.

Giant heads break through the ground at Cavendish Square and Portman Square. An evolutionary four-part installation emerges in Portman Square. The brutalist architecture of the Economist Plaza is enlivened by a sculpture titled Alien and figures of Brothers with joined heads, connected by umbilical chords. Against the backdrop of the Saint Pancras Church on the Euston Road further larger Alien and Brothers images reinterpret the iconic building famed for its Greek statuary.

Breuer-Weil comments Public sculpture is the ultimate street art. Far more people see them than works in museums. I have attempted to distil a great deal of emotion and meaning into simple sculptural forms that are dotted throughout London. Christie’s, who are hosting this unprecedented multi venue exhibition, has a very rich history in 20th century sculpture. My images of “Brothers” shows two related individuals with joined minds, it is an image that explores both conflict and resolution. In “Brothers 2” two people move away from one another but are still connected with powerful strands as they can never fully separate. My “Alien” sculptures deal with the status of the outsider in contemporary society whilst the massive heads “Visitor” and “Brainbox” express the great value of every individual. These themes of connectedness and belonging have never been of greater relevance than at the present time.

Full information and the exhibition catalogue can be viewed here.

Date: June 2017 – July 2017

Location: London (Cavendish Sq., Portman Sq., Economist Plaza & St Pancras New Church)