Project 3 was the third in a series of ground-breaking exhibitions of monumental paintings by Breuer-Weil. The paintings and drawings that make up this ongoing series are characterised by the endlessly fertile imagination with which the artist explores some of the most compelling contemporary issues whilst addressing timeless subjects.

The clear development in Project 3 after Projects 1 and 2 is the evidence of new life springing back. In many of the works, there are outcrops of trees, bushes and new layers of grass and flowers punctuating the more austere aspects of the composition. The Project 3 works were all painted in the period 2003-2007.

The exhibition took place in an NCP car park, in partnership with Ben Uri, The London Jewish Museum of Art, and was curated by Ben Hanly.

Project 1 was held at the Roundhouse, Camden Town, in 2001. Project 2 was held at the Bargehouse, London, in 2003.

Date: June 2007 – August 2007

Mercer Street, London