Project 4, the latest in the series of Breuer-Weil’s epic solo projects, includes some 70 canvases alongside a number of sculptures. Revelling in a diverse and unruly mix of colours, it fuses the themes of place, time and cause that have dominated his work since the mid-1990s with new concerns about the human condition and the artist’s role as commentator and creator. Leitmotifs of humanity, philosophy and politics flit between the tragic and the joyous in a visual language that is as much absurdist as it is emotive.

A focal point of this new body of work is a heightened and politically topical interest in ideas of homeland, territory and belonging explored through an extended repertoire of familiar images. Underlying the works is a profound sense of unease although an element of hope seeps through.

Breuer-Weil has a gift for finding dramatic and unusual venues and the Project exhibitions have always been staged in quirky, cavernous spaces.

This exhibition was kindly sponsored by artnet.

Date: February 2013 – March 2013

Location: The Vaults, London