A new bronze by David Breuer-Weil has gone on exhibition for the first time at E&R Cyzer Gallery, Bruton Street, as part of an exhibition of classic Modern and Contemporary British and International works by artists including Julian Opie, Alan Davie, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Elizabeth Frink, Jean Dubuffet, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Fernand Leger and others (March – April 2015).

A feat of contemporary bronze casting, texture and patination, ADAM is a highly ambitious piece by Breuer-Weil referencing images that have been present in his drawings of many years.

He commented, ‘With ADAM I wanted to express the idea of the first person from whom every human being descends, hence the title. I also thought of calling it the First Man or Genome as it is an image of the origins of humanity referencing both historical and genetic structures. It is essentially a tree of life where every branch is a descendant of the previous generation, a human tree.’