Walk out of Victoria station and you will spot David Breuer-Weil’s latest bronze sculpture, Alien, which has ‘landed’ in Grosvenor Gardens. Five times the size of the average person, this monumental work is capturing everyone’s attention. The massive scale of the work helps portray the emotions expressed and increase the drama.

Alien is executed in the loose sculptural style that is the hallmark of Breuer-Weil’s monumental pieces. The surface of Alien will also be familiar to anyone who has seen Breuer-Weil’s work in recent years as it is marked all over with his graffiti musings and doodling. Amongst these marks can be found the name of his grandfather who, in part, inspired the work, as well as a portrait of the Kaiser of Nerac, who rules the imaginary world where many of Breuer-Weil’s paintings and other works find their inspiration.

The sculpture was on long-term display from May 2013 until July 2015 in conjunction with Westminster Council and the Grosvenor Estate.