The magical music that accompanies The King of Nerac transports viewers to the world explored in the documentary.

Composer Michael Csányi-Wills comments ‘When first approaching the music for this film, I focused on David Breuer-Weil’s extraordinary and imaginary world of Nerac. This is a world which is made up of hundreds of artists, all of whom survive for only as long as his pencil lasts. His images made me think of medieval Indonesia and the Temple at Borobudor in Central Java. I began to assemble the musical instruments that, for me, represent that world; i.e Gamelan, Gongs, and Angklungs, and wrote motifs and harmonies that brought this imaginary world into a form of reality without representing it literally. I chose the Cor Anglais to unite all these sounds, and to create a type of angular lyricism to represent the world of Nerac.’

Csányi-Wills is a veteran of film music; between 1997 and 2012 he collaborated with Nigel Clarke on several scores, including Warner Brothers’ The Little Vampire, The Little Polar Bear and The Thief Lord. Apart from The King of Nerac, his most recent solo credits include the Paavo Järvi documentary Maestro as well as the short film A Love Story in Milk for which he won the Best Score Award at the Movie Maverick Awards. Besides his career in film scoring, Michael was recently appointed composer in residence of the Welsh Sinfonia and still regularly performs as a pianist.

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