A 1.2m tall working model of Brothers, which was installed in Marble Arch in 2016, is on display at E&R Cyzer Gallery alongside other works by the artist, including the working model for Alien and Family – a monumental canvas from 2003.

Brothers depicts the joining together of two separate but connected individuals, explicitly siblings. It is an image of coming together, resolution and peace. But, it also offers a suggestion of symbolic meanings showing the arch as a symbol of connection and resolution. Distances between people that were formerly unbridgeable are now connected in less than a second and Brothers expresses this miraculous element of modernity.

Alien expresses Breuer-Weil’s belief that every human is a fallen angel in some sense. The sculpture brings together these contemporary and timeless themes. The textured dynamism of the bronze makes the figure seem alive as the human form radiates between raw physicality and emotion.

Family is a monumental painting from the Project series. It portrays groups of isolated but connected individuals where, the first, invisible layer of paint represents the genetic structures underlying the groups of connected individuals.

Date: Past