David Breuer-Weil’s monumental four-part bronze Emergence has been installed in the private Portman Square, opposite the Churchill Hotel, London. Although this prestigious square is mostly closed to the public if you peer through the railings into the leafy gardens you’ll see Emergence rising from the ground.

The figures in Emergence are deliberately sculpted in a craggy manner to resemble rough rock, suggesting the origins of Adam from the earth. The juxtaposition of the figures’ rough and smooth surfaces allude to the sculpting process that humans go through in their evolution, whether in this life or the next. Across the bodies, marks, drawings and scribblings attest to the scars and lessons received and learnt during life.

The artist says that ‘Emergence is about timeless, even primeval, themes of birth, evolution and the origins of man. The sculpture is in marked contrast to the ephemeral aspects of working life in London, reminding the viewer of something more basic and timeless.’

Date: May 2013

Location: Portman Square, London